Week 7 QUEEN

OMG! I love me some Queen! What a great show. From opening with Bohemian Rhapsody to the We Are the Champions finale, it was a first rate Queenfest. All my favorite songs. The only downside was losing The Miz. I hated to see it but knew it was time. Fun while it lasted. Reminded me of an old Calvin & Hobbes cartoon.

 I loved his Dad. The grace of foxtrot isn’t something I pair with The Miz but, damn if he didn’t pull it off. While the chin pointed at the ceiling was over the top, he actually had grace and elegance. And that outfit Witney had on. Red sparkles – what there was of it. Hard to look anywhere else.

The relays shook up the race. Jimmie went from tied for second place to fourth and Olivia stole the lead from JoJo. Jimmie, JoJo, Iman, and The Miz were the only ones who didn’t get any relay points. Interesting. And how the hell did JoJo end up in the bottom two?

The winner of the night was Olivia. Her and Val’s quickstep was picture perfect and way cool. I love watching Val do smooth dances. He’s just perfect. And who’s monitoring Len’s meds? He needs a checkup.

I feared two females doing tango might seem odd but, damn, that was hot. I loved Jenna’s sweep and JoJo attacked the floor. Not a soft tango, but an aggressive one. Loved it. JoJo’s doing very mature dancing for a kid. Sorry, I think of her as a kid.

Melora refuses to go quietly. Looks like she’s in it for the long run. Artem can foxtrot like nobody’s business and took Melora along for the ride. They took their time getting there, but once in hold it moved like a dream. The queen and her prince costuming was spot on. Kudos to Artem for not waxing, and I loved how he ignored Tyra’s inane question.

Jimmie’s another one who refuses to die. After the first round of scoring he was in second place. I don’t think anyone was more surprised than him, but he earned it. His VW wasn’t as floaty as I’d like but his lines gave me chillbumps. Such controlled power. In the opening sequence when it looked like he was going in for a kiss, I laughed out loud when he looked away with what’s known as a shit-eating grin. He’s gone several weeks without crying. Now if he would just lose the do-rag.

Amanda must have been surprised to find herself in fifth place after all the points were counted. I loved her jive with my favorite combinations of kicks and flicks. She had more energy going on than Alan. There was one little piece at the end where she was a hair ahead of Alan, but the judges are idiots. And when did lifts become illegal in jive?

Cody’s finally getting some love. He can’t get above midway, but he’s avoided the cellar. I guess the celebrities go in for the sob stories because they think it humanizes them. Yeah, it’s sad, but that’s not why I’m here. I loved the huge frame he had; I think we forget how big he is. And I’m glad he’s opening up his body for the dance. However, I thought his foxtrot looked heavy and a bit awkward.

Maybe it was Suni’s illness that affected her dance, but I didn’t feel any attitude in her paso. I loved the skirt work and got a laugh out of Sasha’s Freddy Mercury mustache. Len said she was hesitant, and that captured what I was seeing.

Iman seems like a really good guy. They need to give him some nice parting gifts and send him home. Yes, he has come a long way in his dancing, but he’s not the caliber of any of the others who are left. Parts of his paso were nice, but it just didn’t have the flavor of paso to me. He usually looks good in solo parts and weird when in hold, but this time he looked gangly and out of place in the solo parts. Bruno called him on the chest and I agree. How did we lose Mel C and Kenya and keep this stumblebum?

I loved the relays. Again, the music was so cool and as Len said it was good to see them go head-to-head. In the The Miz-Iman-Cody face off, I gave my vote to Cody. The guy just threw down and danced his heart out. And he put in my favorite kicks and flicks combo that the other dancers omitted. I have no idea why they gave any points to Iman. The last time someone stumbled around like that, and it was considered good was the Tin Man’s dance in The Wizard of Oz. But like Derek, I loved that sparkly blue shirt.

In the JoJo-Olivia-Jimmie foxtrot, I had to go with Jimmie. He was throwing down lines again in the foxtrot and Olivia just didn’t look like she was trying. Still, she got all the points.

The Amanda-Suni-Melora relay was split, but I went with Melora, Suni a close second. It was almost a tie for me.

I’m still saying if the voting public shows any sense (a sucker’s bet) next week will see the exit of Iman and Cody. Or possibly Iman and Suni. She doesn’t seem to be drawing the votes. Worst case scenario, any two going and Iman staying. Jimmie and Melora want to be spoilers, but I still think it’s JoJo’s to win and Amanda and Olivia will duke it out for second place. I have a soft spot for Olivia because she’s the only one of the three without any real dance experience. Plus Olivia has Val, and everybody loves Val. And I love Amanda’s legs.

Next week is Janet Jackson week. Meh. She’s nowhere near the icon as Queen is for my generation. I can’t think of a single song she has. She does concerts so I’m sure she has plenty of them. It just doesn’t speak to me like Grease and Queen did. Yeah, I’m an old white guy. So sue me.

I found this online recently and it made me laugh. Enjoy.


One thought on “Week 7 QUEEN

  1. I think Olivia deserved all the relay points. The word you’re looking for is “effortless”, not “not trying”. My second favorite dance, after Artem’s foxtrot. Wasn’t even looking at Melora.
    And I have to mention Jenna’s choreography was spot on in that tango. She’s getting good!


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