Amazon has issued me an Authors page. It’s a place where any book in which I’m recognized as an author will be listed. This should take you to it:

Alternately, in Amazon just type my name in the search bar. The first item will be “2020 in a Flash”. Click on that and there’s a link to my author page. I may have linked this blog to my author page but technology and I don’t always cooperate with each other, so maybe not.

More publication news. La Duchessa was picked up by Worlds Within to appear online in early 2022. It’s my vampire (maybe) story. I contacted the editor about my sequel “Changing of the Guard” and they’re considering it. They said they’d get back to me by February. If they accept it, that will make 25 pieces of writing that I have successfully placed. Not too shabby since my first acceptance (The Cornfield) on September 29, 2019. I just looked at my big spreadsheet where I keep up with my submissions. It shows that I sent off my very first ones on April 8, 2019. I was just a starry-eyed kid, no idea if what I was writing was worth a crap. Of the seven stories I sent off that first day, three were eventually accepted for publication, but not by the mags I first sent them to (Sharing Christmas, Escape to Paradise and Best Summer Ever). I had several months of rejections to work through. I still receive a rejection or two every week, but I have dozens of submissions out there and plan a bunch more this week. My theory is that every story has a home, I just have to find it.


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