Win Some, Lose Some

Or one step forward, two steps back. Two of my stories slated for publication are the two steps back. Welcome to Hell was supposed to be read on the website What the Writer’s Wrote on June 28. It looks like sometime in April or May the site went inactive. Old postings are there but nothing new since April. Emails have gone unanswered so I guess they’re kaput.

The other loss I’m truly mourning is the anthology Noise of a Quiet House has been cancelled. My story Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep was to be included. The editor sent me a note saying the project had been cancelled. He further said my story was a good one and should find a home somewhere. So I’m marketing both stories again. Should they find homes, I’ll link them here.

On the positive side I have placed Little Green Men with Worlds Within, an online SF magazine. It will appear sometime in September. And of course, I’ll link it here. LGM is one of my longer stories, over 9,000 words. An editor I recently sent it to said it was too long for his site but that it was good enough to have a whole issue devoted to it. The story of our first manned flight to Mars went through many permutations before I had it just the way I wanted, but now I’m particularly proud of it. Cheers.


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