I have four stories slated to be published in June. Three are reprints with links already on this site. Inna Gada da Vida will appear in The Chamber on June 4. Googling The Chamber will take you to their website and the current listing of stories. The Park Bench will appear in The Chamber on June 11 and Escape to Paradise will appear there on June 18. As I said above, these stories have already appeared in Ariel Chart Review and Scarlet Leaf.

A new story will be read live on June 28 at What the Writer Wrote. The story is Welcome to Hell, what happens when a middle-aged executive drops dead in his office. I’ll post a link once it’s available.

Finally, my story Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep will be featured in the horror anthology Noises of a Quiet House set to be published on July 1. It is a collection of eerie, spooky stories. You’ll have to buy the book to see the story, but it’s worth it (IMHO).

As an aside, I have discovered a new app Kindle Vella. It’s still in beta and no idea when it will go live. It allows authors to publish work in serial form. The first couple of episodes are free, then readers will have to purchase tokens to read the rest. It sounds interesting so I uploaded an eight-episode serial story to them. Keep your fingers crossed.


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