DWTS Week 9


What the hell, guys? How could you put AJ and Johnny in the bottom two and save Nelly? That doesn’t even make sense. Nelly should have been ditched this week and AJ next week. But as usual, the producers monkeyed with the results.

Tyra’s outfits were bizarre as usual also. Actually I have a shirt made from the same material as her opening gown.  Makes a great Hawaiian shirt. When she came out in the suit of armor the bottom was so wide she looked like the stove in my great grandma’s house.

Okay, something else I want to get off my chest. I am so tired of them handling Skai with kid gloves. She panders shamelessly and they fall for it. This is entertainment. If she wants to get political, she can take the fame the show gives her and do it elsewhere. I didn’t tune in to watch her “make a statement”. What it said to me was that she was declaring she was black and the white judges better not dis her. Sorry, but that’s how it looked from my side. And she’s just not that good. Her paso doble was pretty much awful. She had no gravitas at the opening. Just looked like a little girl playing with her skirt. Then what was with all the tippy tippy steps? In PD you put your foot down like you mean it, no pussyfooting about. So many times she was off balance, making faces and cutting her lines short left and right. How did the judges not see that? Are they afraid of her PR people? Have the producers put pressure on them? Something stinks.

Nev and Jenna were my favorites by far. Wow, wow and wow! I got a full body frisson at the opening notes of the song (love that song) and grinned like an idiot all the way through. Great kicks. He really sold it. They got robbed. Should have been 10.

The Perfects.

Kaitlyn and Artem. When he is hitting it, he is really hitting it. He was full on Artem tonight and that’s what makes him one of my favorite pros. So sharp, so dramatic, so much everything. Some of those moves made me shout out loud. Definitely her best and the second best tonight.

Johnny and Britt turned it on. Great shapes and perfect timing. So in sync with each other and the double jetes just flew through the air. Reminded me of Apolo. So entertaining.

And the rest.

Justina and Sasha picked one of my favorite Madonna songs to dance to. I was so ready to love it, but it just didn’t happen. She didn’t sell it. Too much grinning going on. Romance is serious stuff. Not enough naughty and too much nice. I just didn’t feel it. Disappointing.

AJ and Cheryl. Who doesn’t love Freddy Mercury? The man was truly legendary. AJ was feeling it and giving it everything he had, but he just went wrong a few times. Heartfelt but far from smooth. And he looked totally out of breath before he was halfway through.

Nelly and Daniella. I don’t listen to rap and I’m opposed to jazz as a ballroom dance. No score.

Dance Off.

I really liked the dance offs. Justina vs. Kaitlyn was its own iconic pairing. Cha cha is all about the sass and cheek. Justina ran away with that dance. She has sass and cheek for days. Kaitlyn never got out of the gate.

Skai vs. Nelly, well it took me a minute to stop laughing. Nelly’s floppy tits and Grandpa at the wedding moves just cracked me up. Skai had no control but she still danced circles around grandpa. My favorite in that matchup was Daniella. She’s fast becoming my favorite lady pro.

AJ versus Johnny. Really? Johnny had such precision and his kicks were phenomenal. I guess they made up for it by saving him over AJ.

I still think Nev is the best celeb on the show. He’s got class, he’s got style, he’s got showmanship and the man can just plain dance. I bring Johnny in second if he’s having a good day. He can be uneven. Same with Justina. I put her a close third. Then Kaitlyn, Skai and I don’t know why Nelly is still even here.  But I doubt that’s the way it will go down.

Pandering, monkeyjinks producers, Disney kids and Bachelor Nation will probably put one of the lesser luminaries at the top. But that’s how it usually goes. It’s a rare year when the best dancer comes out on top. But it’s fun to watch.


One thought on “DWTS Week 9

  1. Ooo, some disagreements this week.

    Did you catch that Tyra was channeling J-Lo in that dress? Just be happy it wasn’t cut to the pubic bone like the original. 😉. Her second getup was total Nicki Minaj. And the makeup person who turned Derek into Bowie was genius.

    Even I noticed Nev’s floppy footwork in that jive, it made me wince for him. No 10 that. I preferred Kaitlyn’s precise chacha to Justina’s rather vulgar version. Too much shaky-shaky and not enough foot placement. And get off the floor, Sasha. I do agree that Johnny beat AJ, that one surprised me. And I agree that Skai’s paso was weak, probably not helping that she’s so small (hard to have gravitas when you’re such a feather). But I don’t think her support of BLM has anything to do with threatening judges. More likely the Disney effect.

    Maks is calling out Britt for not teaching any technique, or really knowing how to present ballroom. Apparently she has a lyrical background. So that QS totally surprised and delighted me…no disagreement there. I was afraid the AT wasn’t going to be hot enough for the judges, but thankfully they agreed Kaitlyn nailed it. I was open-mouthed, and as always, jealous of the legs on those girls who do the great tangos.

    I’m sure we can appreciate the new format of judges’ saves. Johnny is weird and Nelly is a star in his world. I’m just surprised his fans watch DWTS.

    A funny Maks comment from last week…. He blinked hard at Tyra’s neon yellow ¿dress? and said she looked like a highlighter.


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