DWTS Week 5

Wow, I loved the Grease theme. I love all the songs from the movie, and I’ve seen it about a dozen times. Even the TV version with Julianne Hough a few years back. This definitely ranks as the best show of the season. Too bad they had to ruin it with an awful showdown. The obvious one to go was Iman. Even when he has a good week, he can’t break out of the 20s. As Derek said, “America, what have you done?”

We also got our first 40, four 10s for JoJo and Jenna’s foxtrot. They were flying when in hold. I love a fast foxtrot, and this was the fastest. They had shaping and all the things that make foxtrot look so good. I loved the sly change of lead at the very end. As Len said, “Superb.” Quite possibly the best dance of the night. But I won’t give them that accolade all alone. There was another couple who should have gotten 40.

Amanda and Alan. They had the best Viennese waltz on the show this season. So elegant and so in character, with such precision of motion. Beautiful flekerl and shadow right turns. And that leg extension – wow! I absolutely loved it. They even trotted out old Frankie Avalon. He had a birthday last month and looks pretty good for 81.

My other fave of the evening was The Miz and Witney in the jive. So, so good. Loved the kicks. Just wish there were more of them. The tandem turns were a little messy but who cares, he’s the Miz. I love The Miz. He’s so entertaining.

Val is my go-to guy for foxtrot, and he got to step out last night with Olivia. Great job. He shapes and moves like no one else. The man is foxtrot personified. And Olivia stepped up and was a great partner. Who are the idiots who put her in the bottom two?

Mel C. also put on a great show. Her Quickstep to You’re the One that I Want was super. That’s my favorite song of the movie. She stumbled a bit but it was so fun that the gaffe was forgivable. As Carrie Ann pointed out she started out nervous, but quickly found her stride. Through the past five weeks she has consistently been scoring lower than Olivia and that night they were tied. I think Len made the right decision. Anybody else note that after Derek voted for Olivia and Carrie Ann for Mel, Bruno’s vote became irrelevant? Derek and Carrie Ann were already divided, meaning the decision was up to Len. Bruno was obsessing over his choice that meant nothing. Some don’t like that Len has the final say, but them’s the rules.

I love Kenya’s grandma. When she said, “That’s MY baby,” I just smiled. She and Brandon had her best dance yet. She channeled Rizzo perfectly. She became the bad girl. She may have been led, but she made sure we knew she was in charge.

WTF was Charleston doing in the mix? That’s not a ballroom dance. I don’t know beans about Charleston but what Suni and Sasha did was straight from the movie. OMG so good. Loved the foot on the chest. So much fun, but Suni still seems reserved and only lets small glimpses of personality out.

Melora rounded out the five-way tie for third place. I actually got chills watching her dance. She’s so long and lithe and gives Artem something to work with. She’s doing pretty well for a 54-year-old gal.

I love Jimmie and Emma but didn’t love their foxtrot. It was slow and awkward to start, but he soon got into it. Like Iman, he is much better out of hold than in hold. And even with the giant Pompadour, he had on a do-rag.

Cody is light on his feet and moves well, but some of his closed moves looked awkward. It looked like he was trying to step outside her in what I call the cowboy in the cow pasture move. That made him stick his butt out. Lots of energy, though.

Iman was the disappointment of the night. His VW just failed to ignite. He’s got some dance chops, but still looks awkward in frame with his butt sticking out. His flekerl was so ungainly I groaned. Bruno called him on it. He so needs to go and should have been invited to leave last night. Who the hell is voting for him?

The girls are running away with it. JoJo definitely has the lead, but Amanda is hot on her heels. Olivia may challenge, but I don’t think Suni is going to ignite. Melora is a dark horse. She’s got the buzz, but I don’t know if she can sustain it all the way. Iman, The Miz, Cody, and Kenya probably in that order will go next. Kenya might outlast Jimmie. But as we saw last night, when you let a nation who will vote a mirror ball to Bobby Bones participate, anything can happen.

Next week (Oct 25) is the last one before Halloween. Will that be the famous costumed extravaganza? Here’s hoping.


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