Accessing Published Articles

In checking my Publication menu I have found that some of the links are broken. It also takes an extra step to bring up the menu, find the story, click on it and then find the link. This list will streamline the process. I have listed below all the works I currently have in publication and links where available. Most of these can also be found by googling the magazine plus the story title. One story, The Fourth Reich, no longer seems to be archived, but it can be found on this blog. Yellow Piece of Paper has not yet been released. I’ll update this list as timelines change.

The Cornfield  

Ariel Chart Int’l Lit Journal    October 20, 2019

The Park Bench

Ariel Chart Int’l Lit Journal    October 21, 2019

The Chamber                          June 11, 2021

Escape to Paradise    escape to paradise | Search Results | The Chamber Magazine

Scarlet Leaf                            January 21, 2020

The Chamber                          June 18, 2021                                                                  

Inna Gadda da Vida

Scarlet Leaf                            April 11, 2020

The Chamber                          June 4, 2021

         Café Lit                                   September 27, 2022

Sharing Christmas    Writers from Scars Publications (select Curtis Bass from list on left)

Down in the Dirt                     May 2020

2020 in a Flash Anthology      November 2020

The Fourth Reich      unavailable                 

Scarlet Leaf                            May 10, 2020

Best Summer Ever    best summer ever – Youth Imagination                     

Youth Imagination                  October 2020

The Haint         

Page & Spine                          November 6, 2020

Pick Me                                 

Fabula Argentea                      April 2021

Somewhere in Iowa  B093D8YP4C                      

Amazon Kindle Vella             July 2021

Little Green Men

Worlds Within                        September 2021  

         Dragon Gems                          2022/2023

Welcome to Hell       

What the Writers Wrote          June 28,2021               Site failed

Tall Tale TV                           October 2021           The Chamber                                February 18,2022

The Intervention                   Not yet published       

B Cubed Press                         December 2021             

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep         

Noise of a Quiet House           July 1, 2021                Project canceled                                 

Terror House Press                 January 6, 2022  

         The Chamber                          August 5, 2022  

Johnny’s Got a Gun   

Screaming in the Night           April 4, 2022               Sinister Smile Press

La Duchessa                

Worlds Within                        March 7, 2022

Changing of the Guard

Worlds Within                        September 2022

The Pearl Earring Google Mystery Tribune The Pearl Earring

         Mystery Tribune          Summer 2022 

Yellow Piece of Paper

Thema                         June 2023


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